Useful Smartphone Apps for Runners


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Apps for Runners

A music lecturer and composer, Simon Whalley has served as Music Director at the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in New York and at Oxford University’s Keble College. During his free time, Simon Whalley goes running to stay fit.

Today, runners can choose among a number of smartphone apps to make the most of their workouts. Those new to running may want to check out Couch to 5K. Designed for beginners, the app offers a simple sequence of workouts that gradually push the user to finish a 5K race after nine weeks.

Runners focused on slimming down should try the aptly named Running for Weight Loss. Aside from three different levels based on the user’s current fitness, the app also offers training sessions that alternate between walking, running, and sprinting, thus allowing room for variability.

Another popular app, Strava, features its own social network. With it, users can record runs via GPS tracking then challenge their friends to beat their time. Users can also set goals, record personal bests, and even participate in monthly challenges.