Must-Try Street Foods in Penang, Malaysia

Char koay kak pic

Char koay kak

A seasoned choral director, Simon Whalley also has extensive experience in composing and arranging musical pieces. Recreationally, Simon Whalley enjoys traveling and especially discovering new cuisines. One of his most memorable culinary trips was to Penang, an island in Malaysia.

Char koay kak, a popular breakfast dish, is made by stir-frying slices of radish cake in soy sauce and serving them with bean spouts, egg, and preserved radish. Savory with just a hint of sweetness, the dish makes for a perfect snack.

Another Penang favorite, assam laksa is a spicy, seafood-based soup with a broth made of tamarind juice, lemongrass, and chili paste. The soup comes with a choice of different types of noodles. Known for its strong flavor, the dish has a distinctively sour taste that either immediately hooks or repels first-timers.

Lor bak, a common Malaysian dish, can be made using different types of deep-fried meat and seafood. In Penang, it’s usually served as slices of pork loin wrapped in beancurd skin, accompanied by a sweet dipping sauce.